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Zuckerman Harpsichord Factory Tour

A visit with David Jacques Way and the Zuckerman Harpsichord Factory.

"I have a keen interest in all keyboard instruments including harpsichords, clavichords and organs. In my instrument collection is a large Sabathil & Son two manual harpsichord, a bentside spinet harpsichord and a clavichord. I was invited to tour the Zuckerman Harpsichord factory in Stonington, Connecticut and met with famous harpsichord and clavichord builder David Jacques Way. Way abandoned the use of modern plywood, hard steel wire and zither tuning pins that were commonly used in 20th century harpsichords, and in his factory in Stonington concentrated on making custom-finished instruments. He did not attempt to make exact copies of old instruments but rather learn from historical makers." - Tom Masinter

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