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Piano Repair

The accurate and careful restoration of
a piano action requires years of experience,
a library full of knowledge, and a "don't watch
the clock" attitude, taking as long as necessary
to get the action in the best playing condition
possible. This Chickering & Sons piano action
was made for only a few years in the 1850's.

Piano Restoration, Repair & Tuning


• 30+ years experience piano tuning, repair and restoration
• BA and MA in music from Trinity University
• Tuning for homeowners in South Texas and for professionals
• Pianos restored for families, collectors, and museums
• Reconditioned and restored pianos for sale

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Many specialized tools, both large and small are used in piano restoration. Although power tools have made some jobs easier, hand tools designed in the 19th century are still utilized on a daily basis when restoring and repairing high quality pianos.

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Plus visit factories where pianos and harpsichords are crafted.

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